Get the Neurological Care You Deserve at the Neurology Clinic of Central Texas


At the Neurology Clinic of Central Texas our passion is neurology. Our mission is to provide our patients with care that helps them live a better life. We make every effort as neurology physicians to exceed the expectations of our patients and their families. Our advanced diagnostic procedures are meant to provide adult neurological care for those that need it most. Every patient is monitored through their recovery by our physicians, nurses, and various medical specialists. We believe in providing our patients with a wide range of options for neurological medical procedures in San Marcos, TX as well. We are committed to the delivery of quality patient care, educating ourselves and our patients within accordance of the highest possible standards, and generating awareness that will lessen and prevent human suffering through the treatment of neurological diseases.


We Want to Make a Difference in Our Patient’s Lives


While we are extremely committed to our goals and living up to them, we also have a singular focus on making an honest difference in the lives of people that have neurological disorders. This includes partnering with the families of patients and our patients to decide on treatment options that ease suffering and become a beacon of hope for their futures. We make it a point to treat every single patient like he or she is our only patient. An example of this focus includes the fact that we are a Botulinum Toxin Clinic that provides relief to many patients with Botox treatments. This is just one example of what we offer our patients. We work hard and diligently to find the neurological treatments you need when you need them the most.


Various Neurological Services that We Provide Include the Following:


  • Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment
  • Non Invasive & Non Radiating MRI
  • CSF Pressure Diagnosis
  • Lumbar Puncture
  • Electroencephalography Brain Test
  • EMG Nerve Conduction Tests


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View our extensive website to learn more about our neurological treatments and schedule. You can also contact us today via phone if you need important questions answered by our friendly and caring staff.

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